Environmental Policy

Artium Group is the overarching company encompassing the group’s specialist subsidiaries which facilitate our ability to acquire, own and operate our portfolio in Yorkshire and the Humber.

Artium Group is committed to bringing environmental benefits to the areas in which we operate, working in conjunction with Artium Construction’s procurement and supply chain to ensure our environmental policy is adhered to on every project wherever achievable.

We set strategic environmental goals as demonstrated in our Sustainability Strategy, and implement user-friendly methods of monitoring, reviewing and transparently reporting our impact at all times to establish accountability and improve our performance.

Efficient environmental management procedures are imperative to attain value in every development. Through methodical implementation of this policy, we are can serve the long-term needs of our investors and end-occupiers, in line with our guarantee of a quality and efficient delivery on every development.

In line with our commitment to transparency and credibility, we produce annual reports of our key highlights and areas for action in the forthcoming year.

In accordance with our Sustainability Strategy, Artium Group and its subsidiaries will:

  • Ensure compliance with relevant legislation and guidance from our chosen institutions for accreditation on standards and certifications.
  • Inform our Sustainability Strategy with SMART goals for measurable and achievable performance that feeds into our broader vision.
  • Reduce our ecological footprint in internal business operations through adhering to our Sustainability Policy which includes minimising the impact of business activities.
  • Encourage the digitalisation of business operations including paperless files and online meetings to avoid transport wherever possible.
  • Maximise monitoring and reporting of data to improve our waste, water, biodiversity, and energy conservation through use of SmartWaste and its respective features for each segment.
  • Commit to sustainable procurement in our construction processes including the use of recycled materials and certified timber where possible.
Sam Colley BSc (Hons) MRICS

Sam Colley BSc (Hons) MRICS


Thomas Shotton BSc (Hons)

Thomas Shotton BSc (Hons)


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